Episode 1: GasCube
In The A.M. Podcast's first episode, Mad and Aidan Talk about themselves, small topics, and ice cubes made of gasoline.

Episode 2: Your Underwear Don't Fit
In The A.M. Podcast's second episode, Mad, Aidan, Jacob, and Emilio talk about the allure of Virtual Reality, while Mad complains about Arcades.

Episode 3: On the Balcony
In The A.M. Podcast's third(?) episode, Mad goes insane for awhile and yells at an audience of nothing but a 7-11 in the distance. Is he OK?

Episode 4: Deleta: Battle Angel
In The A.M. Podcast's fourth episode, Mad and Aidan talk about NOTHING the whole time. Ramen? Alita: Battle Angel? Singles in your area?